Stockton Sports and Recreation

Stockton Sports and RecreationThe Central Valley of northern California is not only where you'll find Stockton, it's also where you'll find plenty of excellent opportunities for great sports and recreation. The plentiful West Coast sunshine as well as the always comfortable temperatures make spending time outdoors an excellent way to spend an afternoon. And, whether you're in the stands rooting for your favorite team or actually out the field ready to make the next play, you're sure to enjoy the excellent sporting and recreational activities you'll you can be a part of in Stockton.


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Pro Sports

Stockton Thunder
The Stockton Thunder is the city's ECHL hockey team. The sports team is affiliated with the San Jose Sharks and Edmonton Oilers. Fans enjoy special game promotions and giveaways when they're in the stands rooting for their team. This minor league professional hockey team plays its home games in the Stockton Arena.

Address: 248 West Fremont Street, Stockton, CA 95203 - MAP
Phone: (209) 373-1500

California Cougars
The California Cougars is the city's PASL soccer team that was founded in 2004. The sports team is a charter member of the Professional Arena Soccer League and play their home games at the Stockton Arena.


Stockton Ports
The Stockton Ports area baseball team plays in the Northern Division of the Class A-Advanced California League and is a Minor League affiliate team of Oakland Athletics. The sports team plays its home games at the Banner Island Ballpark.



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Hiking, Biking & Trails

Glory Hole Lower
One of Stockton's favorite recreation trails for hiking and biking is the Glory Hole Lower trail. The route of this trail includes the lower parking area to the Angels Creek Trail, around that loop and then back. Highlights of this trail include a smooth, gradual single track surface as well as excellent views of the natural scenery that surrounds the reservoir. No motorcycles or horses are allowed as the trail is designed for only hikers and mountain bikers.

Address: Stockton, CA - MAP

Willow Slough Trail
The Willow Slough Trail offers hikers and walkers a chance to experience the natural beauty of an ancient valley oak forest that offers one of the rarest landscapes in the state. Beaver, river otters and mountain lions as well as several types of exotic birds are the types of creatures you may be able to see on your trek. The terrain of this recreation path is dirt, dirt road and boardwalk through the valley and oak woodland.

Address: Stockton, CA - MAP

River Walk Trail
The Cosumnes River Walk Trail winds through the Cosumnes River Preserve and offers walkers and hikers the opportunity to see over 200 species of birds that include sandhill cranes and various types of waterfowl. The recreation trail's location as it runs through the Great Valley allows visitors to discover and learn about the wondrous nature that inhabits this magnificent parcel of land.

Address: Stockton, CA - MAP


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Stockton Sailing Club
Enjoying the calming, picturesque combination of the wind and the water is what makes setting sail from the Stockton Sailing Club so appealing. The club offers a safe and attractive environment for you, your family and your sailing vessel that features a secure yet efficient boat harbor from which you can set sail. Access the deep water channel while still being close to various amenities that include restaurants and easy access to I-5 and 99 freeways.

Address: 4980 Buckley Cove Way, Stockton, CA 95219 - MAP

Delta Water Sports
The pros at Delta Water Sports offer the best selection of watercraft rentals on the Delta! Whether it's a wave runner, a wakeboard or parasailing, your aquatic adventure awaits! Delta Water Sports is located at Windmill Cove Marina and Resort on the Northern California Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. The friendly and experienced staff will help you select the best watercraft rentals that perfectly suit your experience level as well as your budget.

Address: 7600 Windmill Cove Road, Stockton, CA 95206 - MAP
Phone: (209) 463-7700

Downtown Stockton Waterfront Marina
The Downtown Stockton Waterfront Marina is the largest inland seaport in California that offers much to offer in the way of all your boating needs. This historic area features the deep-water Stockton Channel that is lined with luxurious residences, hotels, restaurants and various entertainment venues. In addition to being able to travel by boat to a nearby attraction, you can also walk along the water's edge on the breathtaking Joan Darrah Promenade.



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Plenty Of Thrills

Delta Speedway
The Delta Speedway dares you to put your search for fun into high gear when you visit this impressive racetrack. Various races are scheduled year-round but make sure to check the website for times and the latest information, as some races are canceled due to the weather. Fans of 250cc Class Racing will love seeing the cars, meeting the drivers and watching all the action that leads to that big checkered flag.

Address: 1658 South Airport Way at Charter Way,
Stockton, CA 95206 - MAP
Phone: (408) 595-8922

Stockton Skydiving
Get ready for the big free fall when you let the pros at Stockton Skydiving properly equip you for the big dive. You will be accompanied by some of the most committed skydiving experts as you put on your safety equipment and parachute, and they go over all the necessary information you will need prior to boarding the plane. But once you're airborne, there won't be anything like the feeling of soaring back down to earth on this extreme sports adventure.

Phone: (800) 585-5867

The last step is the most important one when you're bungee jumping. To make sure it is as safe and adrenaline-packed as it can be, make sure that the professionals at Luxergy guide you to the best places to jump, the best equipment to use and the best overall extreme sports experience from the moment you arrive to the time you stop swinging from that big elastic cord!

Phone: (888) 589-3749


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West Lane Bowl
West Lane Bowl has been in business since 1960, and that impressive fact means that they have been providing several generations of bowlers in Stockton the best place to play the game that they love. A great game room, a friendly staff and a nicely-stocked concession area all help ensure a great time that will strike you in just the right way!

Address: 3900 West Lane, Stockton, CA 95204 - MAP

Eddie's Classic Billiards
Relax and unwind with your pals as you enjoy a great game of pool at Eddie's Classic Billiards. This is one of Stockton's favorite places to shoot pool for the obvious reason that in addition to the excellent atmosphere, Eddie's offers $5 per hour games if you're playing solo or $9 if you are playing with a partner. Great drinks specials, a friendly staff and excellent munchies on the menu all equal a great time that can only be aptly described as "classic"!

Address: 1304 Hammer Lane, Stockton, CA 95210 - MAP
Phone: (209) 477-2255